Vertical Threaded Outlets

The Caroflow Vertical Threaded outlet is manufactured in LM6 Aluminium Silicon casting alloy to BS EN 1706:2010 for most roof finishes as standard or in leaded gunmetal to BS EN 1982:2008 for use with lead or copper-clad roofs or for connection to copper pipework. They are female parallel threaded to BS21:1985.

Available in 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm outlet sizes.

The dimensions for the Vertical Threaded outlet are as follows;

50mm Vertical Threaded Outlet
– 50/VT (with Domical Grate)
– 50/VT/F (with Flat Grate)

A = 75, B = 50, C = 300, D = 250, E = 70

75mm Vertical Threaded Outlet
– 75/VT (with Domical Grate)
– 75/VT/F (with Flat Grate)

A = 75, B = 50, C = 300, D = 250, E = 105

100mm Vertical Threaded Outlet
– 100/VT (with Domical Grate)
– 100/VT/F (with Flat Grate)

A = 90, B = 45, C = 380, D = 305, E = 134

150mm Vertical Threaded Outlet
– 150/VT (with Domical Grate)
– 150/VT/F (with Flat Grate)

A = 70, B = 45, C = 380, D = 305, E = 185

All Caroflow Vertical Threaded outlets are suitable for connection to, Screw Threaded Steel, Copper (Gunmetal only), PVC, Aluminium and Cast Iron. The PVC, Aluminium and Cast Iron connections are all suitable with the Caroflow Threaded Adaptor. The standard length of our Threaded Adaptor is 300mm, although other lengths can be produced to order.


Extension Ring
Kombi Terrace Grate
Threaded adaptor

Example Specification

100mm nominal bore CAROFLOW Vertical Threaded aluminium rainwater outlet with domical grating (Code 100/VT)  as manufactured by Caroflow Limited Tel: (01763) 244446.

For prices & availability on Vertical Spigot Outlets, please call our Sales Department on (01763) 244446 or you can enquire using our online form.

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