Overflow Outlets

A length of heavy duty PVC pipe is factory bonded to a sealing plate so only when the water has reached a pre-determined depth will it then begin draining and give a warning against build-up.

The PVC tube, once installed, is then easily cut to a height lower than the surrounding membrane flashing, and is kept free and clear with a securely fixed domical grating assembly that cannot be removed without the necessary tools.

Our Overflow units come in two sizes, with one to suit the 50mm & 75mm outlets and the other for the 100mm & 150mm outlets.

The codes and dimensions of these are as follows;

Overflow Fittings to suit 50mm/75mm Outlets
– 50/75OF

A = 250, B = 220, C = 95, D = 170

Overflow Fittings to suit 100mm/150mm Outlets
– 100/150OF

A = 250, B = 275, C = 95, D = 170

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