50mm Mini Two-Way Outlets

CARO FLOW 50mm Mini Two-Way Threaded Roof Outlets are designed for use at the intersection of hori-zontal and vertical surfaces, i.e. a balcony and parapet wall, and can be used to drain off ver-tically or horizontally. Available in either LM6 Aluminium Silicon casting alloy to BS 1490:1970 for most roof finishes or in leaded gunmetal to BS 1400:1985 for use with lead or copper-clad roofs or for connection to copper pipe work. They are female parallel threaded to BS21:1985.

Our Two-Way outlets are available as a 50mm spigot size.

The codes and dimensions of each of our Mini Two-Way Outlet is as follows;

50mm Two-Way Outlet
– 50/TW/M

A = 143, B = 32.5, C = 125, D = 75, E = 122, F = 190, G = 90, H = 48

Caroflow Two-Way outlets are suitable for connection to, Screw Threaded Steel and Copper (Gunmetal only). By using the Caroflow Threaded Adaptor, the Two-Way outlets are also compatible with PVC, Aluminium and Cast Iron.

Drainage Rates are as follows;
Mini Two Way Outlet (50/TW/M) Horizontal -  Area (m2) 48 - Rate (ltrs/sec) 1.15
Mini Two Way Outlet (50/TW/M) Vertical -  Area (m2) 73 - Rate (ltrs/sec) 1.73


Threaded adaptor
Discharge Spout

Example Specification

50mm nominal bore CAROFLOW Mini Two-Way Threaded aluminium rainwater outlet Code 50/TW/M, as manufactured by Caroflow Limited Tel: (01763) 244446.

For prices & availability on 50mm Mini Two-Way Outlets, please call our Sales Department on (01763) 244446 or you can enquire using our online form.

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