Kombi Terrace Grate

The Caroflow “Kombi” Terrace Grate is for use with both sizes of circular EASITRIM Extension Rings, where brick paviours, paving slabs, etc are detailed. The grate design allows for rotation through 90 degrees to allow positioning to surrounding paviours/slabs.

All grates and rings are available in either LM6 Aluminium (BS EN 1706:2010) or leaded Gunmetal (BS EN 1982:2008).

The detail to the right is an example of the use of the Caroflow “Kombi” Terrace Grate and the extension ring (after trimming to correct height). Please note that, if a sand bedding is used, a proprietary brand of filter paper will be required to ensure that no sand enters the outlet through the extension ring.

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