Discharge Spouts

Caroflow Discharge Spouts are manufactured in either LM6 Aluminium Silicon Casting to BS EN 1706:2010 or in Leaded Gunmetal to BS EN 1982:2008 and are sized for direct connection to either 50mm, 75mm or 100mm Caroflow Threaded Adaptors or uPVC Soil Pipe to BSEN 1566:2004.

The discharge pipe from the outlet is installed so that it projects from the vertical wall/parapet by 40mm.

The spout is offered onto the pipe so that the fixing ears can be marked and plugs drilled then the sealing O Ring that is supplied with the spout is ‘rolled’ onto the projecting pipe.

The spout can now be re-offered and, as the spout is forced down the pipe, the ring rolls and forms a watertight seal.

For ordering purposes, please quote the following codes:
Spout to suit 50mm Threaded Adaptor
– 50/SPOUT

Spout to suit 75mm Threaded Adaptor
– 75/SPOUT

Spout to suit 100mm Threaded Adaptor
– 100/SPOUT

For prices & availability on Discharge Spouts, please call our Sales Department on (01763) 244446 or you can enquire using our online form.

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