Bespoke Trap Designed by Caroflow, is Cost Effective Solution

Caroflow has designed and now holds stock of a bespoke trap which is suitable for both the 100mm vertical spigot and 100mm vertical threaded outlets.

Made of Allunimum, the simple to install product, is a cost effective solution for trapping external flat roof rainwater outlets.

The bespoke casting was manufactured  by our in-house foundry Maybrey Reliance for a specific overseas contract. The product has now been added to Caroflow's extensive portfolio of ex stock drainage products and is available to order today.  

For more information on our Traps or any other Roof or Floor Drainage products, please contact our sales team on 01763 244 446 or email Alternatively you can visit the  About page for more information.

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Caro Flow's Perfect Drainage Solution to Narrow Voids in Floors

As with all Caro Flow products, the Caro Flow Shower Drainage range is manufactured to the highest standards and provide an aesthetic solution to the problem of trapped drainage from high performance shower units.

Caro Flow is also a ISO 9001:2015 company, as such, all production is strictly monitored and customer service is of the highest importance.

We also take pride in a stock range of items which suit a multitude of requirements, while also retaining flexibility to offer bespoke solutions wherever needed.

The Caroflow Lo-line shower outlet, for example,  is the perfect solution for narrow voids in floors. At only 95mm deep, it is fully trapped and suitable for both tiled and vinyl floor applications. The Shower Drainage range comes as standard in blue, however, our onsite powder coating facility enables us to offer products in the RAL colour of your choice. Grating options available as standard are stainless steel or white powder coated finishes.

For more information on our Shower, Floor or Drainage products, please contact our sales team on 01763 244 446 or email Alternatively you can view our product range here

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Caroflow supplies £1billion pound Manchester Airport redevelopment

Caroflow Ltd are delighted to announce it has joined the list of material suppliers to the £1 billion pound redevelopment and expansion of Manchester Airport.

Working alongside a national Builders Merchant we successfully secured a bulk order for our 100mm Vertical Spigot Roof Outlets.

Manufactured in LM6 Aluminium, the Vertical Spigot outlet is silicon casting alloy to BS 1490:1970 for most roof finishes as standard or in leaded gunmetal to BS 1400:1985 for use with lead or copper-clad roofs or for connection to copper pipework.

As ever Caroflow offered both competitive pricing and a prompt delivery service which met the criteria laid down by the client. Now delivered with the outlets on site, the project is steaming ahead and is due to be completed in 2020. You can read abou the project at the aiport website here.

For more information on our Roof or Floor Drainage products, please contact our sales team on 01763 244 446 or email Alternatively you can view our product range here


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Bespoke Powder Coated Roof Outlets for Major Online Roofing Merchant

Caroflow were recently asked by a major online roofing Merchant to supply Balcony Roof Outlets in a bespoke RAL colour to meet the Architects requirements on commercial property redevelopment.

Using our own in-house powder coating facility, Caroflow was able to secure the job and deliver to site within 48 hours. Keeping both the merhcant and customer happy.

Caroflow Balcony Outlets are available in either LM6 Aluminium Silicon casting alloy to BS1490:1970 for most roof finishes or as a “special” in leaded gunmetal to BS1400:1985 for use with lead or copper-clad roofs or for connection to copper pipwork.

For more information on our Roof or Floor Drainage products, please contact our sales team on 01763 244 446 or email Alternatively you can visit the Balcony Roof Outlets product page here.

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50mm Mini Two Way outlet launch

Caroflow are pleased to announce the imminent launch of their latest product, theRoof drainage outlets  “50mm mini two way outlet.”

Used in conjunction with the Caroflow ABS threaded adaptor the mini two-way drains either horizontal or vertically. This versatile addition to our range is neat, unobtrusive and the perfect design for the smaller balcony.

Manufactured in LM6 cast aluminium, the outlet is the latest addition to a hugely successful line of UK made drainage and floor outlets by Caroflow.

For more information on our Roof or Floor Drainage products, please contact our sales team on 01763 244 446
or email Alternatively you can visit the CARO Group website here

Roof drainage outlets                       

Author: Danny Ashley

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Maybrey Reliance; Quality Manufacturing in the UK

From the year it was established in 1927, to today’s modern era, Maybrey-Reliance Foundry has stood the test of time and continued to be at the forefront of manufacturing. Tracing the company history back to 1839 when George England founded the Hatcham Iron Works and started George England & Company, reveals a beginning rich in product innovation and ground-breaking design, with the patent and
production of revolutionary locomotives for railways across the UK, Europe and India.Vintage Bugatti engine

By the 1860s, the company had become the General Engineering & Boiler Company before
manufacturing was taken over by Reliance Foundry in 1975 at its new factory in Greenwich. Eventually purchased by and merged with the Hills Diecasting Company of Sydenham; in 2002 Maybrey Precision Castings of Lower Sydenham was also purchased and Maybrey-Reliance, now one of the best equipped and experienced foundries in the country, was formed.
Offering Die Casting and Sand Casting, the Kent based Foundry now has a range of services to offer new and existing clients across a broad spectrum of industries.
Quality Manufacturing in the UK’ details examples of these services and what’s available in-house: Tool and Pattern making, Gravity Die Casting, Shot Blasting, Sand Casting, Surface Finishing and Light Engineering to name a few. Utilising these services has meant Maybrey Reliance has been able to
produce submarine torpedo tubes, aircraft parts, modern sculptures and just as the George England
and Company did over 150 years ago, Maybrey-Reliance are still producing specialist locomotive
parts for steam engines.
Throughout its history, Maybrey has pioneered the development and production of items in a range of industries, with innovation pivotal to its success. In-house experience and investment in modern technologies means Maybrey-Reliance can offer a service that is second to none. Specialist engineers can also advise customers about casting designs and therefore reduce costs from the onset. Capable of supplying first prototype to production components, Maybrey-Reliance has the experience, skills and technology to make concept a reality.

Gold anodised Kaymet Pressed Trays

Cast hand rails

Flood barrier handles

Click on the Manufacturing brochure below to see full details of the services Maybrey Reliance offer.


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Innovation is an attitude

Made In Britain is a phrase that is often used to define the consumer requirement in the UK, but as time has ebbed on Made In China seems to have quietly and unconsciously replaced it.

Here at the Caro Group we are proud of our manufacturing history dating back to 1827; including the provision of an exhibit for the Great Exhibition in 1851. The Caro Group are constantly changing and adapting to the manufacturing environment which has allowed us to thrive in a time when the industry in general, is struggling.

Caroflow Limited has recently launched an enhanced version of its WaterWall and WaterDoor demountable Flood Defence barrier, which has been created with the aid of customer feedback in our design offices.  This innovative new barrier allows total flood protection for both residential and industrial properties, with small and large scale options. The barrier is currently being approved by the British Standards Institute, allowing Caroflow to move forward with expert market knowledge and provide a first class UK designed product in a market worth £6Billion. 

Caro Systems are likewise renowned for the quality of their paving slab support systems, but moving boldly forward they have launched a new adjustable system for both paving and decking, allowing them to further establish themselves in the market. 

Maybrey Precision Castings are also forging ahead with innovative manufacturing, in the Die and Sand Cast product market.  Manufacturing in the UK has been hit badly by the migration of casting to Eastern Europe. However, Maybreys have managed to stay in the top 10 medium sized foundries in the UK by investing in cutting edge environmental and reclamation plant, allowing them not only to cut costs, but also to retain work by adhering the company to ever increasing environmental legislation.

The Caro Group of Companies have the benefit of a structured support group which drives forward product design by allowing all the companies to draw on years of expertise in areas such as design, marketing, sales and finance to allow the pioneering attitude that exists in the group to flourish.

With innovation in the UK at an all time high, the group has moulded every aspect of creativity and ingenuity to get to the forefront of the manufacturing market in the UK and our forward thinking attitude will assure that we stay there.      

Bespoke drain solution success, for national client

Caroflow recently received an enquiry from a national Builders Merchant for a bespoke solution to an unusual roof drainage scenario.

86 balconies required individual drainage outlets, but standard versions available on the market were not sufficiently deep enough to allow the vital connection to pipework below the roof slab.

To overcome this, the Caroflow buying team approached their aluminium pipe supplier and sourced additional tubes to match the outside diameter of the existing Caroflow balcony outlet. Upon the outlets arrival at our factory, the Caroflow in-house welding team set about cutting the pipe and welding it onto the existing outlet to create the overall length of 440mm required on site.
The bespoke, problem solving product has been a huge success and from original enquiry to delivery, took less than 5 working days to complete!
To speak to our specialist team about your bespoke order or any of our other products, please contact or call 01763 244 446.
You can also find more information about our roof draining products here

Author: Danny Ahsley, Caroflow Sales Director

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